Fuelpumps & Sockets

For high amounts of fuel you also need stronger fuel pumps. These can cause strong vibrations, which are absorbed by our rubber-mounted holders. more...

Fuel Pumps
Fuel Pumps

In our fuel pump range you will find a suitable pump for various performance regions. These are suitable for use with gasoline as well as E85.

Single Sockets
Single Sockets

The fuel pump holders are CNC machined from high quality aluminum and guarantee a firm hold of the fuel pump on the body or other components.

Double Sockets
Double Sockets

If several fuel pumps are used, our double holders are ideal. Thanks to them, even two pumps can be securely fastened.


High quality 044 Arlows fuel pump for your fuel system

If you want to optimize and tune your car's fuel system for maximum performance, you need the right components. Especially when it comes to flammable liquids, such as fuel pumps, you should attach importance to the highest possible product quality and clean processing. Here at Arlows you will not only find a wide range of high quality catchtanks, fuel pressure regulators and fuel filters, but also the high quality 044 Arlows fuel pump with maximum performance and durability. So don't think twice, buy the 044 Arlows fuel pump and save money.

The Bosch 044 fuel pump sets the standard

For years, racing fans around the world have relied on the proven German premium brand Bosch. If you want to buy a Bosch 044 fuel pump, you often go to the local auto accessories store. There, however, you have to shell out several hundred euros for the expensive brand-name product. - Is that really necessary? We say "no." If you have an affinity for brands and absolutely want to have Bosch on your product, you simply can't avoid this expense. However, if you are purely interested in quality and performance, we can show you much cheaper alternatives at this point.

Arlows 044 fuel pump is a cheap alternative to the expensive branded products

If you want to save money when buying a fuel pump, we recommend our in-house Arlows branded premium quality product. Our Arlows fuel pumps are in no way inferior to those of the competition and offer the same durability and flow rate as significantly more expensive fuel pumps from other Brands.

Where can I buy the 044 Arlows fuel pump?

Fuel pump defective? You need a replacement? Then you can of course reorder right here in the large Arlows Tuning online store. We have all 044 fuel pump models immediately in stock and deliver them to your home within one to two days. You are also welcome to order the matching accessories for the installation. Our customer service will be happy to advise you on the appropriate components or their compatibility. You can find more Arlows branded products, such as Arlows Care Line care products, in our other online stores of the Arlows brand..