The wastegate plays an extremely important role in the controlled regulation of boost pressure. You can find it here. more...


Wastegates for perfect exhaust gas control in the online store

A wastegate is an important component of exhaust gas management in a turbo system. It regulates the pressure in the exhaust tract and ensures that the turbo boost pressure does not become too high. In our online store you will find a wide range of high-quality wastegates that will ensure optimum performance of your Vehicle..

What is a wastegate and what is it used for?

A wastegate is a valve that is installed in the exhaust tract of a turbo system. It opens when a certain pressure is reached, thus allowing part of the exhaust gas to escape before it reaches the turbo. This prevents the turbo from building up too much pressure and being damaged. The wastegate therefore ensures optimum regulation of the boost pressure in the exhaust tract.

What are the different types of wastegates?

In our online store we offer two types of wastegates: Manually and electrically controlled wastegates. Manually controlled wastegates are regulated by a spring and a pressure limiter. In our assortment you can find wastegates with the diameter of 38mm, 44mm and also 60mm. Electrically controlled wastegates, on the other hand, are controlled by an electric actuator and offer a higher precision in the regulation of the exhaust gas.

The right heat protection for your wastegate

Besides the wastegates themselves, you will also find high quality heat protection for your wastegate. Besides heat protection tape for downpipes and manifolds, you will find custom titanium diapers that perfectly fit the sizes of our wastegates. These prevent too high a temperature in the engine compartment and are therefore gentle on all other nearby components of the engine. Furthermore, you can also purchase them directly as a package with your wastegate and save some more money!

What brands do we carry in the online store?

In our online store, we carry only high-quality branded products that are known for their reliability and durability. Just look around our wastegates range and find the right product for your vehicle.We recommend that you always read installation instructions before buying a wastegate and make sure that the wastegate is suitable for your vehicle. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply contact us by email or phone and our experienced team will help you choose the right wastegate for your vehicle.Invest in a high quality wastegate and ensure optimal exhaust control, improved performance of your vehicle and longer turbo life. Order your wastegate now conveniently in our online store and benefit from fast delivery times and low prices.Convince yourself of the quality of our wastegates and order your new valve for perfect exhaust gas management today. We look forward to receiving your order!