Our upgrade connecting rods made of high-strength steel are available with H / I / X shank. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages. more...


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H-Schaft Pleuel machen noch mehr Leistung in getunten Motoren erst möglich. Das geht nur, weil die H-Schaft Pleuel deutlich stabiler und langlebiger sind, als die serienmäßig verbauten Pleuel der meisten Fahrzeughersteller. Egal ob man den Ladedruck oder die Drehzahl seines Fahrzeugs erhöhen möchte, das Pleuel muss diese gesteigerte Leistung auf die Antriebswelle übertragen. Damit der Motor diese Leistung auf die Straße bringen kann verbauen die meisten Tuner in ihren Motoren H-Schaft Pleuel. Unsere hochwertigen Arlows Marken Pleuel gehören zu den besten die man im Motorsport Tuning kaufen kann. Jetzt H-Schaft Pleuel hier kaufen.

H-Shaft Connecting Rod 2.0 TFSI - The Best Seller

H-Shaft Connecting Rod 2.0 TFSI is one of the most demanded models on the market. Most of our customers are looking for H-Shaft Connecting Rod 2.0 TFSI, but the following models are also quite in demand….

H-Shaft connecting rod 1.8T and 1.8TDI

The 1.8T H-Shaft connecting rod is also one of the most sought-after models. Here, a distinction is made between the 1.8T and 1.8 TDI.

Arlows H-Shaft Connecting Rods - We Are Manufacturer Ourselves

We are often asked which H-Shaft connecting rod manufacturer is the best on the market. It is not easy to give a general answer to this question. Each supplier has its advantages and disadvantages. But what we can say with guaranteed certainty is that our Arlows H-Shaft connecting rods can play at the top in terms of quality and performance without any problems and that at a very good price-performance ratio. Manufacturing H-Shaft connecting rods is not a simple matter. It needs high quality materials, modern machines and experienced employees to produce a good product. All this you will find at the brand Arlows.

For the maximum torque...

So that your engine can be upgraded to maximum power and reach its maximum torque, you need the right H-stem connecting rods. With us you will find suitable H-shaft connecting rods for all common vehicle models and manufacturers from a single source and in the best quality from experienced tuners. So that you look really cool at the next tuning meeting, we also recommend our Arlows Fashion collection from our tuning catalog.