Exhaust Flaps

Our exhaust flaps are controlled in different ways and help to create the optimal Sound. more...


Retrofit Arlows exhaust flap now

The exhaust flap has always been one of the greatest goodies that a tuner can install in his vehicle. Hardly any other tuning part promises more individuality and change to the vehicle like an exhaust flap. Best of all, an electric exhaust flap that can be controlled separately and releases the desired engine sound at the right moment. We offer you a large assortment around the topic exhaust flaps. Whether electronic exhaust flap, vacuum controlled exhaust flap or overpressure controlled exhaust flap, we offer you all model variants in the Arlows store to choose from. So, don't wait long but retrofit Arlows exhaust flap now. We wish you a lot of fun.

What are the types of exhaust flaps and where are the differences?

In general, there are several types of exhaust flaps. There are active models that can be controlled via electronics, for example, and on the other hand there are passive models that work with the working pressure provided by the engine. In the following, we would like to explain the individual function variants in more Detail.

Electronically controlled exhaust flap

Das unter Tunern am häufigsten verwendete Modell ist die sogenannte elektonische Auspuffklappe. Sie lässt sich über einen Elektromotor ganz nach den eigenen Wünschen und Vorstellen einstellen und auch feinjustieren. Man kann damit jederzeit selbst entscheiden wie weit die Auspuffklappe geöffnet oder geschlossen sein soll.

The most commonly used model among tuners is the so-called electronic exhaust flap. It can be adjusted and fine-tuned via an electric motor according to your own wishes and preferences. You can decide for yourself at any time how wide the exhaust flap should be open or closed.

Retrofit the Arlows overpressure controlled exhaust flap

This model is a so-called passive exhaust flap. It works exclusively with the exhaust pressure provided by the engine and opens automatically when the exhaust pressure exceeds a certain level. Hence the name overpressure controlled exhaust flap. When the driver steps on the gas, for example, you can see how these flaps suddenly spring open to reduce the pressure in the exhaust.

The vacuum controlled exhaust flap

In principle, this model is the exact opposite of the overpressure-controlled exhaust flap. It reacts to negative pressure in the system and opens automatically as soon as the corresponding negative pressure is reached in the exhaust.

Retrofit Arlows exhaust flap now - The installation is done quickly.

Now, if you have decided to install an Arlows exhaust flap, let me tell you that the installation is relatively simple. To be able to retrofit an exhaust flap, only minimal adjustments, as well as a few welds, must be made to the exhaust. You can already turn the first laps with your new exhaust flap and enjoy the new sound of your vehicle to the fullest.