V-Band Clamps

V-band clamps are the high-end solution for all pipe connections in the exhaust area. They have a quick release fastener and are self-centering. more...


Buy Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp

When installing turbochargers and exhaust systems, there is no getting around the use of a modern stainless steel V-band clamp. These quickly screwable and universally applicable metal clamps are practically the panacea in exhaust construction. For assembly, the clamp is simply placed around the component of the exhaust to be connected and then tightened by means of lock screws. Thus fixed, all components remain securely in place. The durable stainless steel material ensures that the V-band clamp does not rust through or wear out even under heavy use. Buy the high-quality Arlows stainless steel V-band clamp here now.


The Arlows 63.5mm Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp - Our Best Seller

One of the most common diameter sizes for the modern tuning exhaust is 63.5mm. For this reason, we offer for the construction of your exhaust system matching stainless steel V-band clamps in diameter 63.5mm which are quick and easy to install.

No matter what pipe diameter, we have the right V-band clamp in stock, guaranteed!

Of course, there are also other pipe diameters that come into question for the construction of modern exhaust systems. In addition to the already mentioned 63.5mm stainless steel V-band clamp, our range also includes numerous other sizes, such as the 76mm V-band clamp or the 50mm V-band clamp. This gives you an absolutely free hand in the construction of your exhaust system or the installation of your turbocharger and maximum planning security in the implementation.

Buy Arlows stainless steel V-band clamp here - The advantages at a glance

Why should I buy an Arlows V-band clamp? This question is regularly asked by our customers and we have the right answers for you. Our Arlows stainless steel V-band clamps are not only of high quality workmanship and very durable, but they are also extremely easy and safe to install. Welding a V-band clamp? - Not with Arlows! After a long time of testing the different possibilities, the simple but effective screwing of the V-band clamp turned out to be by far the most effective and most popular option among tuners. So we have finally come to the conclusion that the company Arlows only sells screwable V-band clamps.