Flex Pipes

An exhaust system must be oscillating to prevent stress cracks. Our flex pipes help to cushion engine movements. more...


Buy flex pipe for exhaust

We offer spare parts for your exhaust. Whether you need to repair or replace an exhaust flex pipe, we have the right component for you in stock. Of course, we provide you with the flex pipe for your exhaust as well as the matching flex pipe clamp. This allows you to repair your flex pipe and quickly put it back into working order. We are also well positioned in terms of selection and offer you from 100mm flex pipe to the large 250mm flex pipe many suitable models. So do not hesitate and buy flex pipe for exhaust here now.

Repair flex pipe or better yet buy flex pipe new?

Since flex pipes consist of a very flexible metal mesh that is specially designed for a high degree of freedom of movement in the actually rigid exhaust system, you should weigh up the situation carefully in each individual case. Repairing a flex pipe is simply not always possible. Often, you simply have to buy a new flex pipe in the end. You can tell whether a flex pipe is defective by looking at various symptoms. If you run the engine and see that the flexible tube is leaking exhaust gases somewhere, then repair is often no longer possible. Inside the flex pipe, in addition to the metal mesh, there is an additional sealing layer that prevents the exhaust gases from escaping uncontrolled to the outside. If this layer is permanently damaged, then a flex pipe repair is almost impossible. These areas can neither be welded nor patched. A new flex pipe is needed.

What accessories do I need to install an exhaust flex pipe?

As a rule, the replacement of a flex pipe is relatively easy for experienced car mechanics. You need a new flex pipe and the appropriate welding threads for mounting on both sides of the flex pipe. A welding torch does the rest of the work. Then grind the welds clean and lubricate with corrosion protection and the new exhaust can be mounted under the vehicle again.