Spark Plugs

The spark plug is an existential part of an engine. They should be changed regularly or adapted to the installed setup. more...


The NGK Spark Plug Finder

The NGK Spark Plug Finder is the fastest and easiest way to find the right NGK spark plugs for your car. Tuners all over the world trust the high quality NGK spark plugs and so do we! As an experienced tuning store, we at Arlows fully trust the spark plug range and quality of NGK. With us you can order all NGK spark plug models directly.

NGK spark plugs comparison table

With the new NGK spark plugs comparison table of the manufacturer you can quickly and easily get an overview of the individual NGK spark plug models and compare them directly with the models of other manufacturers on the market. In terms of power and performance NGK spark plugs convince all along the line and are far superior to many other suppliers on the tuning market. As an experienced tuner, company founder Philipp Kaess has, for example, relied exclusively on the high-quality spark plugs of the NGK brand in his vehicle conversions for years. Therefore, we also recommend them to all our customers. You simply can not install something better in his engine.

The NGK spark plug torque

To increase the torque in the engine, it needs better combustion. This begins with a stronger ignition spark. NGK spark plugs provide with their improved replacement interval for better, faster ignition intervals. This ensures that with NGK spark plugs torque and engine performance increase significantly..

Our NGK Best Seller

The best-selling NGK spark plug model is the NGK Iridium spark plug BKR8EIX 2668. It is suitable for a variety of vehicle models and is particularly popular with VW and Audi tuners. Also in great demand are the NGK spark plugs Laser Platinum. They are also among the highest quality models with the greatest increase in Performance.

Buy NKG Spark Plugs now at Arlows

So well-equipped tuning store, we offer about a dozen different NGK spark plug models and always have them in stock and available for immediate delivery. Tuners from all over Germany and Europe buy their NGK spark plugs from us. You want to get started with your next tuning project? Then buy NGK spark plugs now at Arlows.