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Motorsport catalyst buy here

The company Arlows offers high quality catalytic converters and catalytic converter dummies for motorsport on the race track. When tuning a car, it depends on the correct passage of the exhaust system. Here the right motorsport catalytic converter can be the decisive factor. In addition to the standard sizes such as 100 cell catalytic converter and 75 cell catalytic converter, we also offer the necessary mounting accoiries and matching welding thread. Everything from one source from the tuning expert. Now you can buy your motorsport catalytic converter here.

The Arlows racing catalysts models at a glance

For the construction of an exhaust system for motor sports, we offer different built racing catalysts with different numbers of cells as well as pure catalyst dummies. Below we have listed the individual models and their special Features.

The Arlows 50 cells motorsport catalyst

The smallest version of Arlows Motorsport catalytic converters has 50 filter cells inside. Please note that this model also does not offer TÜV approval for use in normal road traffic.

75 cells racing catalyst from Arlows

For smaller exhaust systems with a smaller diameter, the Arlows 75 cell racing catalytic converter is suitable. It filters the exhaust gas flow through 75 so-called filter cells inside the housing.

Buy 100 cells motorsport catalyst here

Our 100 cell catalytic converter offers the best filtering effect of all available models. The exhaust gas flow is directed through 100 filter cells in this model. A 100 cell catalyst with TÜV usually costs significantly more and at the same time reduces the performance of the engine. Therefore, on the racetrack and in motorsports mostly variants such as the Arlows 100 cell catalyst are used which simply bring more power.

Buy catalyst dummy

The so-called cat mockup or catalyst mockup, is in principle a catalyst without content. The product only looks like a catalytic converter on the outside, but inside it is empty and without function. These products provide very high passage, but are not legal in road traffic and really only something for the race track. One should note that the use in road traffic is punishable.

Which motorsport catalysts are the most popular models on the market?

If you ask around in tuning forums and the scene, the HJS Motorsport catalytic converter and the Friedrich Motorsport catalytic converter are often the models mentioned. Both variants offer high-quality workmanship and good performance data. However, they are also comparatively expensive to purchase. With its motorsport catalytic converter, Arlows offers an inexpensive alternative that is nevertheless manufactured to a high standard and can withstand heavy use. The perfect accessory for your racing exhaust.

Motorsport catalyst buy here

You can order all Arlows Motorsport Kats quickly and easily here in our online store. We deliver available goods throughout Germany within only two working days directly to your home. Then the conversion can already start. We wish you a lot of fun with the conversion and much success on the race track. If you want to care for your car properly after the race day, we recommend our high-quality Arlows Care Line products.