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Universal water cooler and accessories

A universal water cooler for repairing your car should cost as little as possible and still be well made and durable. Once your car's water cooler is broken, the engine can quickly overheat. This should be avoided at all costs to prevent long-term damage to the engine. So if your car's water cooler is leaking or broken, you should repair it immediately. You can find our universal water coolers and accessories in this category.

What exactly is a universal water cooler for the car?

The designation universal water cooler means nothing more in automotive terminology than that this model was manufactured universally and can therefore be installed in a variety of ways. If you drive a Golf GTI or a Golf 4, for example, you can either buy an original VW water cooler that is specifically adapted to your own model, or you can alternatively use a universal water cooler that fits into almost any car. Of course, the universal product may require a few minor adjustments.

In car tuning are mainly installed universal water cooler

A universal water cooler for motorsports is always installed when a racing vehicle is built from scratch. Since you usually use completely different components than in series production, almost all components have different dimensions. This requires perfect interaction between all the tuning parts used so that the engine has optimum performance in the end.

The larger the engine, the larger the cooling System!

The larger the engine and the more power it is supposed to transport onto the road in the end, the hotter it gets. The temperatures inside the engine can sometimes rise to such an extent that the engine block practically starts to glow. To counteract this and always cool the engine down to a healthy operating temperature, you need a universal water cooler. It can also keep large amounts of cooling water at the right temperature at all times and quickly regulate it down in case of emergency. Here you can learn more about water cooling.